Online Chess Tutoring

Online Master Chess Tutoring

We provide super world-class online chess tutoring. All lessons are one-to-one and occur in our safeguarded online classrooms using high-quality video chat, interactive whiteboards and screen sharing. We cover all levels from beginner to advanced. Students and parents can search for our chess tutors and contact them to arrange a free trial.

For Students

Start by searching our highly experienced chess tutors. Once you've chosen a tutor, send them a message to request a free trial. When it's time to start the lesson, simply login and enter the tutor room. There's nothing to install or setup, all you need is a computer with a webcam. After the free trial, lessons work on a flexible pay as you go basis with no commitment. For safeguarding, all our tutors are ID checked and all lessons are recorded. Improve your chess with the best chess tutors in world from the comfort of your home.

For Tutors

Start by creating a tutor profile to describe the chess tutoring you offer and choose your hourly rate which is based on 1-2-3-4-5 Stars. Some parents prefer cheaper and some prefer 5 Star coaches. We may change your Star status as this is based on qualifications skills, publications and experience. Tutors must have appropriate skills and experience. Once approved, you’ll receive your own online tutor room which you can access anytime. Once you receive a tutoring request you can schedule lessons at times to suit you and receive payment every week. Our fee for tutors is 20% of  your earnings and we will be advertising your profile as part of our intensive marketing programs.

More Info

All lessons are one-to-one and occur online in our specialist tutor rooms. Live video chat allows tutors and students to talk freely and interactive whiteboards and screen sharing allow sharing of chess tutoring resources. Share files and work through chess games together, live on screen. Tutor rooms setup automatically with a single click and run in your internet browser so there’s nothing to install. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and a good internet connection.

Free Trials

Most tutors choose to offer a free trial for new students. This allows the opportunity for tutors, students and parents to meet in the online tutor room to discuss tutoring requirements, ask questions and experience an online chess lesson. To request a free trial, simply send your choosen tutor a message.


The cost of a paid lesson depends on the tutors hourly rate (shown on their profile) and how long the lesson lasts. Students add credit to their account before the lesson using a debit or credit card and after the lesson the correct amount of credit is automatically transferred to the tutor. Students can top up credit anytime on a pay as you go basis.